An online membership to simplify your health journey

An online holistic health school and community for anyone looking to reverse their health symptoms and feel more vibrant, and for anyone looking to transition to healthier living with renewed confidence.

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A 3-month nutritional therapy program

B Nourished is a nutritional therapy program that uses a functional medicine approach to address the source of your health concerns by supporting the body as a whole using individually formulated nutritional and lifestyle changes to maximize your health potential.

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After just a month, I can confidently say that I am a new person already. I am deeply grateful and happy to have met Bernadette, whom I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to take care of their health on a significantly deeper level. - Bernadett Shonibar

I decided to work with Bernadette as I had strong allergies for many years. Dr’s had only been able to control the symptoms and no permanent solution was available to me. I was looking to get to the core of the problem, strengthen my immunity, get rid of my allergies and heal my gut which I thought was probably the source of it all. Bernadette was extremely thorough with her assessment and very quickly knew what the best course of action would be. Her knowledge of the body and supplements to support the body is unparalleled. She’s a great listener and always gave me protocols that worked with my lifestyle. Within 3 months of following her protocol, the change was immense! My allergies were gone, my gut felt great, and my overall wellbeing improved. People often asked what I had done and commented that my skin was glowing! I can honestly say that she has changed my health around, for me to not have to deal with allergies is just huge! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to feel better and strengthen their immunity, her protocols work! - Tania Farha

With the support from Bernadette who genuinely cares about the improvement of your health, it’s easy to get to when you have her guiding the way. - Monyca Giles