• Feed Your Fertile BodyTM

    A Pre-conception Preparation and Fertility Optimization Program

Pre-conception preparation can greatly increase your chances of conception and having a healthier pregnancy.

Are you ready to build a family or add to your growing family? This program was created just for you!

Indigenous cultures have practiced pre-conception preparation for thousands of years by feeding the couple a special nutrient-dense diet for many months prior to their wedding ceremony. Tap into this ancient wisdom and learn how specially prepared nutrient-dense foods can support your health and fertility.

About the Program

Feed Your Fertile BodyTM focuses on strengthening fertility in both men and women who are preparing to become parents.

It helps you better understand the foundations of health that affect fertility such as digestive health, blood sugar regulation, and the management of toxins in food and the environment, allowing you to take better control of your fertility and health.

You will receive a workbook filled with fertility secrets, recipes, lifestyle recommendations, and useful resources, along with actionable steps that help make these changes more manageable.

This is a ‘food-positive’ program, whereby the focus is on adding in nourishing foods that will help build fertility without the pressure to be perfect.

What You Will Learn

Best kept secrets about fats and fertility

  • The importance of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K)
  • How cholesterol helps you produce hormones
  • The problem with vegetable oils
  • The link between fat deficiency and morning sickness

Sugar, not such a sweet deal after all

  • The many names of sugar, and the damage it causes
  • How sugars and starches decrease fertility
  • Hormonal dysregulation caused by excess sugar consumption
  • The dangers of artificial sweeteners
  • Best and worst options for your sweet tooth

Basic techniques of proper food preparation

  • The roles of adrenal and thyroid stress in infertility and miscarriage
  • Important thyroid tests your doctor probably has never ordered for you
  • How and why to soak grains, nuts and seeds
  • The importance of proper hydration: water and electrolytes
  • Selecting a high-quality water filter

Boost fertility by decreasing inflammation

  • How allergies cause inflammation in the body
  • The importance of organic foods and grass-fed animals
  • Foods that decrease inflammation and reduce oxidative stress

Improving protein digestion and mineral absorption

  • The importance of stomach acid to the digestion of protein and absorption of minerals
  • How good digestive health safeguards sperm health
  • Lifestyle factors that compromise digestion and absorption
  • Decreasing the chances of reflux during pregnancy

Gut reactions: how our intestinal microbiota affects us, generation after generation

  • The importance of balanced gut microbiota
  • Factors that deplete the health of our gut microbiota
  • Probiotic foods that improve the health and diversity of our gut microbiota

What is included?

  • Group sessions led by a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
  • Meal planning recommendations and recipe ideas
  • Workbook containing:
    • Class materials
    • Resources for home and body care
    • Information on GMO’s
    • Further reading & resource suggestions
    • Fertility-supporting food chart
    • Meal planning templates
    • Recipes
  • Practical action steps broken down into easy weekly tasks:
    • Shopping lists
    • Pantry cleanout assignments
    • Foods to add, replace, and remove
  • A sampling of nutrient-dense foods to taste (on-site groups)
  • Access to our private Facebook group for discussion, sharing, and support
  • Further study resources; books, movies, articles, etc
  • Steps for reducing toxins, stress and more!

Cost & Location Details

Only AED 2,000 per individual or couple (includes the cost of one workbook). Couples are encouraged to attend the classes together.

Locations vary around Dubai, UAE. Please get in touch for more information and to reserve your space now!