A 20-week health transformation program

B Transformed is a high-end holistic personal training and nutritional therapy program designed to enable lifelong lifestyle change to help you gain control over your health.

The progressive and practical nature of the program alongside careful monitoring and constant support guarantees that positive habits are established and that results are achieved in a process that feels effortless.

The ripple effects extend beyond one’s own self, making it a truly transformational journey for yourself and those closest to you.

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With the support from Bernadette who genuinely cares about the improvement of your health, it’s easy to get to when you have her guiding the way. - Monyca Giles

A 3-month nutritional therapy program

B Nourished is a nutritional therapy program that addresses the source of your health concerns by supporting the body as a whole using individually formulated nutritional and lifestyle changes to maximize your health potential.

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After just a month, I can confidently say that I am a new person already. I am deeply grateful and happy to have met Bernadette, whom I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to take care of their health on a significantly deeper level. - Bernadett Shonibar

I decided to work with Bernadette as I had strong allergies for many years. Dr’s had only been able to control the symptoms and no permanent solution was available to me. I was looking to get to the core of the problem, strengthen my immunity, get rid of my allergies and heal my gut which I thought was probably the source of it all. Bernadette was extremely thorough with her assessment and very quickly knew what the best course of action would be. Her knowledge of the body and supplements to support the body is unparalleled. She’s a great listener and always gave me protocols that worked with my lifestyle. Within 3 months of following her protocol, the change was immense! My allergies were gone, my gut felt great, and my overall wellbeing improved. People often asked what I had done and commented that my skin was glowing! I can honestly say that she has changed my health around, for me to not have to deal with allergies is just huge! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to feel better and strengthen their immunity, her protocols work! - Tania Farha

An 8-week kids nutrition program

B Healthier Kids is a step-by-step “learn to teach” online program for parents who want to help their children eat healthier and make healthier food choices ON THEIR OWN.

By harnessing the power of knowledge, you and your family will be empowered to take control of your food choices and health as a result.

I show you how using a unique “scripted, follow-along” experience that you can immediately replicate at home with your family.

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My daughter who is a picky eater is now trying things, and my husband has also completely embraced healthy eating. - Aman Gill

My daughter is loving the exercises. The best part is that she is taking responsibility of what she is going to eat! - Priya Joshi

I managed to bring tangible improvements to my family’s habits – simply by improved awareness. - Hiba Daaboul

Very informative Bernadette! I took a lot away from the first session already! - Jennifer Pope

A pre-conception & fertility program

Feed Your Fertile Body ™ walks you through how to optimize fertility for both you and your partner.

With all the stress, processed food and toxins that come from living in today’s fast paced world, couples are finding it increasingly more challenging to conceive. During the Feed Your Fertile Body ™ classes, you will learn how simple dietary and lifestyle choices can improve your fertility and increase your chances of conceiving.

Whether you’ve just begun to think about starting a family, have been trying for a while or simply want a new addition, Feed Your Fertile Body ™ can help you.

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Preparing for our second pregnancy really started a year before we actually got pregnant. We were pregnant by the end of the Feed Your Fertile Body!™ course! (Although I didn’t know it until after it was completed). The program helped me rebuild my body from my last pregnancy 2 years before and gave me the knowledge I needed to feed my body nutrient dense food. It also reminded me of the lifestyle (less worrying and requesting help with childcare!) necessary for an optimal conceiving environment. - L.C. and A.C., California

The Feed Your Fertile Body!™ program played a crucial role in the conception of our child. We had been trying for a number of years and wanted a more natural approach than what Western medicine had to offer. Our instructor helped us identify the underlying issues which were preventing us from sustaining a pregnancy.The workbook outlined specific strategies to improve our chances of conceiving. It includes clear and explicit recommendations to fit anyone’s level of interest. It takes into account that each family dynamic is different and recognizes that each client’s ability to make lifestyle adjustments varies. We conceived our baby just two months after completing the fertility program! - H.B. and K.K., California

A prenatal lifestyle & nutrition program

Feed Your Pregnant Body ™ is designed to help you have the most nourished pregnancy possible.

The classes address common pregnancy questions like how to improve morning sickness, what prenatal supplements to take, and how to make sure you’re getting the proper nutrition and hydration. The program also provides helpful information on tricky subjects like environmental toxins, water sourcing, and body care products so that you can make informed decisions that you feel good about.

Feed Your Pregnant Body ™ is designed to empower you and celebrate your pregnancy!

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Having completed the 6 week “Feed Your Pregnant Body” program, it taught me a variety of different things that I never knew or anticipated.
In general I am a healthy person, however this course taught me exactly what to eat to help my fetus grow healthily. It gave me key aspects of different foods to enjoy. Not just nutrition wise but it also taught me how to protect my baby from toxic exposures and managing my fatigue! Highly recommended course! Enjoyed every chapter! - Lana Daher, Dubai, UAE

I love that FYPB gives basic guidelines for a healthy pregnancy, but also dives into common pregnancy issues and how to address them via nutrition. There have been a few times that I’ve pulled up the workbook while experiencing an ailment (hello, heartburn) and was quickly able to address the issue.
For me personally, the information for supporting breastfeeding was a favorite. I struggled with low supply with my first child, but between FYPB and meeting early with my lactation consultant, I’m going into this newborn stage with confidence that I will have a successful breastfeeding relationship with my second child. I’ve already got a batch of the lactation cookies in my freezer ready to go! - Beth Martin, Seattle, WA